Who Are You?

Who are you? If you were to be asked this question you will probably answer it in an obvious way. “My name is Clinton Harris. I’m 30 years old. As you can see I’m a self-employed male African American – repairing computers in Lincoln City, OR, a stanch Catholic, and I love the Portland Trailblazers.” This answer although fine – you could make a better response.

“Who Am I?” is a Christian song by the Casting Crowns. It’s more a prayer for the confused and lost souls of the world. “Who Am I?” (1998) is also the title of a movie in the Internet data base by directors Benny and Jackie Chan. It tells about a secret agent who lost his memory. He didn’t know who he was. “Who Am I?” has been a quest in games, riddles and quizzes while a Christian may ask, “Who am I in Christ?”

Individuals who are serious in knowing “Who I Am?” have accessed the Internet to look at Dr. Ann Dranistaris’s Questionnaire. By doing so they can find answers to this probing question:

Am I nurturing, caring and supportive?

Am I loyal?

Am I rigid and over-controlling?

Am I responsible and spontaneous?

Am I knowledgeable and creative?

Am I secured and altruistic?

Or, am I like the rock of Gibraltar?

Who Am I? is Important

Knowing “Who I am in Christ?” tops the list as one of the searches on the Internet. It’s so for many reasons, because you’ll be looking to the Head of all Principalities and Powers who has freed you from sin and death. Through him you can pray for healing, an ability to lay hands on the sick, and be led victoriously through the storms of life. Your overall ability to do most things will be fostered and you’ll be known for good works.

To be a co-heir with Christ is an astounding blessing. As his divine ambassador many will be touched by his presence and emulate a Christian lifestyle. In being part of a royal priesthood you will shine your light brightly on a broken world. You’ll be filled with mercy, kindness and humility. Being redeemed from the curse of sin, sickness and poverty, you’ll be living victoriously in praising and thanking Almighty God. The devil with his schemes will flee from you because you’ll be able to resist him in the name of Jesus Christ. God has not given us a spirit of fear – but the power of love, a sound mind, because the Holy Spirit dwells within you.

Pick up your Cross

Join forces with other believing Christians and raise your cross high. You’re a new creation in Christ and are on the front lines of an ongoing battle. Your salvation is assured and your objective is to win souls for the Lord. This is accomplished when interacting with people that you meet on the highways and byways of life. You must comfort and guide them to know God’s promises and blessings. These souls must be consoled and reminded – if they haven’t done so already, to accept Christ, read the the Gospels, and put their faith in the Lord. That’s your responsibility when you are in Christ.

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