Be The Best

How can you refine your personality to be the best? Some persons might think that you could do so by taking care of your exterior. They might think one thing you must do is dress well, by wearing a suit, as you sit in important meetings. Having don a tie, put on a piece of jewelry, and wear a fashionable wrist watch, to match. A religiously inclined person might display a necklace, with a cross dangling on his or her chest. Others might pay attention if their hair, is it black, brown, or blond? To be sure they are well-groomed they might even wear a pair of the latest style shoes. Such attire is undoubtedly beautiful, might strike some as having an air of respectability, however, there’s a lot more to being the best you can.

What about you having a well-rounded education? Your goal ought to be growing emotionally, intellectually, and physically. With improved speech, you’d be able to score points. To be kind and courteous are goodness to have. These qualities will make you an actor in the world. You might want to view your personality, as a mask of different colors. Ezra Pound’s Personnae (1909) literally means “masks of actor,” for we’re basically actors on the world’s stage. Some persons might even consider more favorably, if they are blessed with intelligence, cleverness, and happiness.

Imperfections as Gifts

One thing is certain. That is: we’re all imperfect. By working hard to improve ourselves, we might still find that we are dogged by imperfections. In considering our attitudes toward such defects, is viewing our imperfections as important gifts. Don’t worry overly about them, but embrace them for what they really are. You might be an alcoholic. What then should you do? Recognize your affliction and take responsibility for it. Seek treatment, join Alcoholic Anonymous, and be open to others about your disease. Share your story as a blessing in disguise and see the stigma melt away. This gift you once regarded in such a hateful way might well be the catalyst, for helping other alcoholics.

Through afflictions, Christians and non-Christians alike, have been known to develop a deeper love, and understanding of God. By being an inspiration, saints have been able to mature more deeply, in their faith. Cancer patients in remission might end up giving alms to suffering patients at hospitals. They might view their newly found afflictions as a vocations. Their outlook would inevitably become more than coping with ailments. Their afflictions might appear gloomy and hopeless to many, but they might well discover what they do as valuable. We must always praise such sufferers and their commitments to ailing patients. Their services must be applauded, for some will be able to find hope, encouragement, and strength through them.

There are some that might view having imperfections as bad. American comedian, actor, writer of the TV series “Roseanne,” Carrie Snow, observed, “Technology … is a queer thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other.” Could Carrie be referring to the conflicting faces of our media – good and bad? In the media we learn about some opinion leaders, their glorious achievements, contributions, and after awhile, their names are dragged through mud, by the same commentators who were praising them. Like media as in life, we’re presented with the good, bad, and ugly, but the wise would still learn from these situations. Technology, whether radio, TV, cable, or the Internet, has its imperfections, but must still be viewed as precious gifts. Imperfect gifts though they might be, but those which present us, with different faces, some of which we might dislike. God-faring people will always benefit from what’s best in the media.

With Care & Respectability

Why must we be flippant connivers? We are entrusted at birth with a myriad of gifts. Even a brain-damaged child has gifts to share with us. The tramp that might be ignored is also gifted. In God’s providence we are all his caretakers. Law abiding citizens dislike criminals running rampantly in their cities and will do anything to stop them. Why don’t we do away with anxieties we nurture about people? Don’t be too upset about situations you can’t control, for God’s always in control. Life can be a struggle, but we’re blessed with grace, and goodness, to see problems through. A lot of situations aren’t as menacing as they appear, they need prayer, understanding, and handling them wisely. We have to be sure to promote honest values and morals in our world.

Refine your personality by laughing a lot, be good-humored, about little, and big things. With fortitude and persistence we would touch what’s authentic about life. Be good Samaritans, help the less fortunate, and focus on Our Good Shepherd, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for men and women are basically good. Allow Christ to refine your personality, and you’ll know what it means to be whole again. Every day when you sit down for a meal, especially on Good Friday, do so in commemoration of the Lord’s Supper, for you could only become the best through him.

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