Blessed Joy

Seek a blessed joy, illuminating your path to happiness, and letting it vivify your spirits, with ecstasy. Necessary though, is having contrite hearts, clean minds, and generous spirits. This is what such gifts from the Almighty is all about. You’ll be true lights which are ideal for a Christian walk, in patience, and perseverance. Barack Obama (b. 1961), 44th President of the United States and first African American to hold this office, says, “If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you will make progress.” Undoubtedly, walks of faith will lead to bliss and enlightened hearts.

Not the Joy of the World

The joys of this world are fleeting, don’t adapt and adjust. True joys are weapons of the spirit, defeating the terrors of men. In our world, there’s degradation, sin, and fear of the future. In the eyes of Christians, their future appears bright. They live according to the promises of God, are faithful, and kind to men, and women. Nevertheless, like all sinners, they do face temporary hardships which are like pin pricks, compared to the glorious lives, awaiting them in heaven.

Our world is buffeted by an array of hardships. If it isn’t war, murder, or crime, much of it, is found, in sensual excesses. Many earthlings hold their heads high, walk with their chests up, and are puffed up. At best, this is a sure display of vanity. Time and time again, as people face struggles, they suffer broken hearts, while continuing to pretend all is well. It must be remembered for true comfort, we can’t depend on the temptations of this world. We often hear and see in media, empty praise, and double talk. As if bound by fetters, worldly types, live by the winds of fickleness. Poet, essayist, and philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 – 1882) observed, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” Being true to yourself, must be the aim of every Christian, who lives in countries dogged by scandals.

Spreading Joy

It’s right and just that Christians go about spreading joy and hope. To be true, Christians are to live joyfully. Sustained by the Holy Spirit, it’s for us to evangelize, and minister to persons constantly. As lights of the world, and with humble hearts, walk confidently, as a peacemakers, in the midst of wolves. Embracing the ecstasies of your hearts and minds, you must love faithfulness, fly freely, and with elevated spirits, teach, and proclaim the truths of things, seen, and unseen. With our walks, we’ll be completely filled with riches, from God’s Heavenly Kingdom. Robert H. Schuller (1926 – 2015), Christian televangelist, pastor, and motivational speaker, testified to such a walk, when he said, “God flourished my ministry and my career of creative thinking, communicating and writing back 50 years.” Over time, it was Schuller’s belief, that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, blessed his life’s mission in distinct ways.

Comforting Joy

In the Gospel of comforting joy, it’s best to review the teachings of Jesus, his disciples, and their apostolic zeal. Their testimonies are like stars which mirror lights of Christian life. Having shields of faith, be steadfast in your understanding of the Word. It must be remembered that on the day of judgment, we’ll have to account about how we’ve lived our lives. After, Christians of true faith could look forward to this heavenly consolation. Their sins will be washed away and they will become whiter than snow. This is the spiritual fervor and beliefs we must hold dear to us. Be sure to be comforted daily with blessedness, pure hearts, and clean minds. It’ll be right to claim our ascension to the sublime heights by the love of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Ann Landers (1918 – 2002), Chicago Sun-Times advice columnist, reminded us, “Expect trouble as an inevitable part of life and repeat to yourself; the most comforting words of all; this, too, shall pass.” For Christians, such realizations are inevitable, for they also know the victory has been won, and supreme greatness awaits them in heaven.

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