A True Spirit

It must be Christians’ goal to be part of a fraternity through capturing the biblical spirit of the age. Walking in the presence of the Lord they proclaim his name. Their authenticity is at its best by an unconditional surrender to God. With this experience believers tend to the poor and naked among us. Alan Cohen (b. 1939), author observed, “Appreciation is the highest form of prayer, for it acknowledged the presence of good wherever you shine the light of thankful thoughts.” Believers therefore shine lights on those they encounter.


Forgiveness is the the basis of a social compact. In being friends there are times when we won’t see eye to eye. With these disagreements it’s imperative to make things right. This is how you express the freedom of forgiveness. It’s great when we forge such bonds which endure the test of time. This calls for prudence and discernment.

In churches, parishioners practice outreach, but there are challenges. But holy people of God should be able to discuss and solve conflicts amicably. As God’s children let Christian values guide your decisions and move forward. By doing acts of kindness, our faith is enlivened. Service as a spiritual food leads to an enlightened community. Such congregations receive an abundance of blessings through the Holy Spirit. That’s why relationships of friendship and fellowship are important. Charles R. Swindoll (b. 1934), an evangelical Christian pastor, author and radio preacher remarked, “I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy. Let’s face it, friends make life a lot more fun.”

Love God & Neighbor

The Holy Spirit makes our journey possible. This trip turns arid land into a garden of roses and expresses a profound love. Such blessings are courageous and seek peace in unusual places. Their depth is not found only with friends but enemies. This reality is best expressed in an all encompassing God – Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who died on the cross at Calvary. Caring brings loving-kindness when we embrace other people. Love has to be constantly sowed and cultivated to reap an abundant harvest. Leo Buscaglia (1924 – 1998), an author and motivational speaker said, “A single rose can be my garden … a single friend, my world.” Abundance in the world may well be one friend.

Animated In Spirit

Our focus on the Spirit is of the Risen Christ. As members of his club, believers are animated. It’s spiritual fervor being manifested in us. Christ is the great comforter who provides us with food to fulfill our apostolic zeal. Since the outpouring of the Spirit on the Feast of Pentecost, this has come to mean tremendous blessings to Christians. Our spiritual journeys are deepened through incredible experiences. Christians are known for their love, joy, hope and peace. These blessings are essential for spreading the Word. It’s the Holy Spirit who anoints those who are trustworthy, and empowers us to do great works.

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