Inspiration of Hope

Without hope there’s no fullness of life.  It makes a broken world a more habitable place, enlivening the church with faith, for Christ is the center of its experience.  Christians are blessed with hope-filled minds as they live in the world.  To believers it’s like faith.  Faith is gained in living by the dogged pursuit of the Gospel of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Once converted, believers are caught up in the spirit, and blessed by our heavenly physician of souls.

An inventor – one of the most productive of his time, Thomas Edison (1847–1931) remarked, “Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.”  Edison thought we must be dogged about our commitments to persevere to have the best results.  Inspiration like a mustard seed is enough for exceptional achievements.

Human Spirit

By initiating love and being loved are excellent virtues.  With the beloved, love drives fervent hope.  It’s never changes and doesn’t lose hope.  We’ll not want to be derived of this hope of living in Christ.  It’s the everlasting flame that’s good and just.  Just be inspired by hope!  Live righteously and reach out to the world around you.  Put on the cloak of patience, for a heavenly consolation awaits you.  With each deed you’ll become symbols of heavenly grace in our communities, by blessing the earth with your presence.  We must hunger for the heavenly gifts, for they are just and right.  Pray daily, storm the gates of heaven when seeking God’s blessings.

Francis Bacon (1561–1626), an English philosopher and statesman observed, “The inquiry of truth, which is love-making, or the wooing of it, the knowledge of truth, which is the presence of it, and the belief of truth, which is the enjoying of it, is the sovereign good of human nature.”  This is God who brings us to the gracious truth becoming active in lives.

The Lord’s Light

Be concerned especially for young children who are innocently living in the world.  Use hope as one of your godly weapons to trust in God.  Remember issues that affect the weak have spiritual implications.  To be truly blessed, calls for steadfastness in every enterprise we undertake in God’s name.  With the fruits of patience strive to promote goodness to all people.  These actions often take courage, for there will be evil forces endeavoring to hinder our work.  It’s impossible to control evil, although we can counter it with God’s help.  As we do so we’re expressing his love for mankind.

Then we could declare like Charles Wesley (1701–1788), an English Methodist hymn-writer, and brother of John Wesley:

Jesu, thou art all compassion,

Pure unbounded love thou art;

Visit us with thy salvation,

Enter every trembling heart.

A Spiritual Force

God’s hope is a force against principalities and powers.  The rulers of darkness can never have true hope.  They are robbed of this because of their devious behavior and actions.  Believers should bear patiently with onslaught, and bring their deeds before God.  So be rich in heavenly wisdom.  In proclaiming the truth you oppose errors in judgment, by doing acts of righteousness.  Such experiences build confidence when living on planet earth.  Be assured that the wicked have no place in heaven.

Edmund Burke (1729–1797), an Anglo-Irish statesman wrote, “The use of force is but temporary.  It may subdue for a moment, but it does not remove the necessity of subduing again.” Temporary force is what tyrants put their trust in.  But true Christian hope is marked by everlasting joy, peace and contentment.  Always be inspired by the hope of God that will be the salvation of souls.


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