Leadership Qualities

As you’re looking out for saints improve your leadership qualities.  Voluntarily follow the religious and accept their basic goodness.  Your objective is to become holier and holier.  By so doing, you’ll be achieving the highest good.  This eternal truth one accepts as crucial to life.  Once embracing these basic gifts you’ll see the face of God in the people you meet.  This is the faith every good shepherd experiences.

Clarence Beldan Randall (1891–1967), an American businessman and CEO of Inland Steel, commented, “A leader must know, must know that he knows and must be able to make it abundantly clear to those about him that he knows.”  Such leader can only speak with such certainty through the Holy Spirit.  We’re unable to know Christ by being slaves in the world.

Authentic Evangelism

Jesus Christ was the greatest evangelist who ever lived.  He decided to die on the cross for our sins.  With his death we’ve received abundant blessings and everlasting hope.  He spoke to us in parables and showered us with divine goodness.  In his rather humble life he overcame all kinds of trials.  Through him we encountered truth in its perfection.  That was, and would always be, his beauty that he courageously demonstrated.  He’s our merciful Father who has taught us freedom, peace, justice, and brings joy to our hearts.  This is why through his spiritual leadership we’re able to spread hope and bring the Gospel to the world.

John Austin (b. 1928), an English cleric and theologian remarked, “The crucified Jesus is the only accurate picture of God the world has ever seen.”  It’s through his crucifixion, love being a sacrificial lamb he has revealed his deep and unending affection for us.  It’s the way he chose to show this love to all – Christian and non-Christians alike.

Edith Newbold Wharton (1861–1937), an American novelist had it right when she observed: “Blessed are the pure in heart for they have much more to talk about.”  In talking about God’s sacrificial acts, fills our hearts and minds with peace.  It’s unbelievable how he laid down his life for sinners like us.  He willing did so.  He’s the beginning and end, and the new light which shines brightly in our hearts.

Turn Around CEOS

Parish priests can be likened to many things.  But it’s good to see them as our turn-around CEOS that bring lasting change.  With Christ as their head they are outstanding role models.  It must however be remembered that it’s only through the Holy Spirit they are empowered.  We observe them help parishioners grow in faith.  These priests serve as the sounding board of people.  Wisely, they often administer their offices, and promote good works with a sense of humor.  By their commitments, parishioners are filled with joyful and receptive hearts.  And they spread the good news about their churches and ministries.

Walter Lippmann (1899–1974), an American journalist declared, “There is no higher law in journalism than to tell the truth and shame the devil.”  Often, parish priests confront detractors who disrupt their flocks.  They do so by speaking the truth about divisiveness.  Divine truth always means freedom from the enslavement of sin.

Spirit of Collegiality

It’s for laypersons too, to oppose evil by sharing the good news.  With simple kindness, the beauty of creation takes us to unexpected places.  The Word of Truth is alive and well.  It’s best to find it in the fullness of the spirit.  In our quest we must never become tired of forgiving, but instead, be authentic in sharing Christ’s love.  In finding the joy of serenity and peace, let streams of hope flow to others.  As spiritual warriors we’ll continue to look at Christ’s death and resurrection with awe, and as being the basis of everlasting happiness.

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