The Real You

What are you letting into your life?  Are you living true to yourself?  Are you considering your life’s mission?  Do you have goals for creating a new vision?  Well, it’s time to seek them.  What are your intentions?  Are you open to infinite possibilities?  If you don’t consider taking action on these questions you’ll be robbing yourself of the chance to discover the real you.  In undertaking the nature of this discovery you’ll not only be seeking your gifts, but building your faith.  Your outlook about life will improve and you’ll see a world of possibilities.

 Practice & Exercise

Your goal should be to achieve a balanced self.  This starts with listening, breathing in fresh air, taking long walks, and meditating.  These opportunities provide ways for you to enjoy the sunshine, dream, and put into practice your goals.  These are ways of caring.  You must engage in honest conversations with loved ones.  Do so at times when you aren’t distracted by the demands of life. Use your time wisely for physical workouts and hobbies.

Put moments aside for other tasks for developing your mind.  Joseph Addison (1672–1719), an English playwright and politician observed, “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”  Your objective is to build both mind and body.  But first ask yourself what’s working right with you?  Some people approach life wrongly, by focusing on negative attributes.  You must accentuate the positive.

 Moral Stamina

It’s important to be responsible for your actions.  Discover peace in the world by being a peacemaker with neighbors and friends.  In asking the hard questions explore ways for doing things better.  Don’t succumb to quick fixes nor delight in mediocrity.  Live a qualitative life.  Your journey should be one of self-improvement.  With an open mind you’ll find issues aren’t always black or white.  Try understanding the gray areas.  It’s okay to make mistakes in judgment.  We all do.  One thing you can do is to recheck your thinking, and re-calibrate your thoughts.  This process is hard work, but is fun and interesting.  In all things practice humility, be brave, develop moral stamina, and don’t pass judgment on others.

Life’s Transformation

A Canadian American sports coach, James Naismith (1861–1939) admonished, “Be strong in body, clean in mind, lofty in ideals.”  These are goals we should emulate. The body is a temple, so treat it with respect.  Free yourself from both big and small fears.  By discovering your weaknesses and acting on them calls for taking steps that’s empowering.  People must be able to laugh at themselves.  It was the novelist of 1984, essayist and journalist George Orwell (1903–1950), who wrote, “Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else.”  That’s why having a clean mind is important for a healthy body.

Christians believe that God is the beginning of their new birth – being born again in Christ we’re a new creation.  So, it’s only right and wise to dependent on Christ, for he’s our Provider and nourishment.  Through him we can do all things.  Daily we must pray for his guidance and that his will is done in our life.  Be at peace when faced with trials and tribulations.  We’re able to do many things, but what’s important is doing that which is right.

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