Be Lights in Our World

By the way you live let your light shine to all people. By speech and actions tell your story.  There must be brightness in your character that casts out the darkness of doubt.  You must shine like the sun, twinkle like stars, and be at peace in the world.  Remember to share love, and spread it to everyone – the happy and unhappy, rich, poor, hungry, and the homeless alike. Let your speech spread wisdom when you meet friends, strangers, and the brokenhearted of this world.  An author Wilferd Peterson (1900–1995) wrote, “Let your light shine.  Be a source of strength and courage.  Share your wisdom.  Radiate love.”

Another poet and writer Wheeler Wilcox (1850–1919) said, “The man who radiates good cheer, who makes life happier wherever he meets it, is always a man of vision and faith.”  Are you able to forgive the indiscretions of people?  Must you forgive hurt when it’s done?   Can you forgive the wrongs of those who are rude, cruel and offensive?  Despite the nature of these wrongs you must still be willing to forgive your friends, neighbors, and enemies.  A professor of psychiatry of the State University of New York, Thomas Szasz (1920– 2012) wrote, “The stupid neither forgive nor forget, the naïve forgive and forget, the wise forgive but do not forget.”

Thoughts & Actions

As the saying goes, “Be kind to others.”  It’s always good to acknowledge acts of kindness.  Remember to send thank-you cards, notes of appreciation, and even peace offerings to those you don’t see eye to eye with.  By doing what’s right you’ll be expressing kindness by taking the high road.  It’s always wise to do favors to the least among us.  Encourage your friends, pat them on their backs, and say a few words of encouragement.  Never give up on people.  When conflicts arise with them think about what you can say and do to appease them.  An unknown writer wrote, “We greatly influence others with our thoughts, if our thoughts are kind, peaceful and quiet, turned only toward good, then we also influence ourselves and radiate peace all around us.”

You must bend over backwards by doing a favor, and building confidence in others.  It’s always time to compliment, support, and acknowledge the good people do.  This is what Saint Teresa of Calcutta (1910–1997), a Roman Catholic nun often did.  It was she who said, “Let no one come to you without leaving better and happier.  Be the living expression of God’s kindness.  Kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile.”

 Our Demeanor

Like Jesus we must be an example of lights in the world.  By modeling Christ we ought to be living symbols of the good news to mankind.  Your lights mustn’t be hidden nor dimmed, but shine brightly on those we encounter.  Why hide your light under a bushel?  A Christian’s work is for all to see.  It’s hoped that through your lives people will come to know the Lord and glorify his name.  For all things you must be thankful.  When reaching out to people do so with joy, and by make his Word known to them.  In ministering if you’re able to reach one lost sheep, consider this was what you were called to do.  The hallmark of your faith is simplicity and humility.  In encountering people be a positive experience, for your walk is crowned by our Savior, a truly brilliant light.


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