To Be Truly Rich

Are you rich in the things of this world?  Do these riches satisfy your soul?  If the answer is “no,” take a glimpse at what it is to have the right kind of riches.

There are people in this world who have more than enough material possessions.  They boast about their money, property and wealth.  They take extravagant vacations, stay at luxurious hotels, but are they satisfied?  Some may possess fine paintings and sculptures by renowned artists, and display for public viewing these works.  But these masterpieces don’t necessarily bring them satisfaction.  These wealthy people are owners of elaborate yachts, live in mansions, drive state-of-the-art cars, and have many admirers, but they may still be dissatisfied.  What if they have good-natured friends with fine qualities, but their lives don’t seem right to them.  In drinking the finest wines, these folks are able to attend the best concerts, and enjoy enthralling music. And being dressed in stunning evening attire, and flowing gowns, still something seems missing. Their fragrance is that of expensive perfumes, and driven by their chauffeurs they grace elaborate parties, but they may still feel out of place.

These individuals are enjoying some of the best things the world has to offer.  Their friends are elegant, with a quick wit, and sense of humor, but what isn’t amusing is that they may come away from these special functions feeling life is meaningless.  They ask themselves, “Who am I?  What am I doing?  What am I trying to prove?  Where do I go from here?”

Finding Answers

It might be that they have to downsize to start enjoying the simple things they were overlooking. More realistically they ought to give their lives to Jesus Christ.  Pick up their crosses and follow him and watch all aspects of their lives fall into place.  It might not be the best thing to be rich, but ironically there’s much more to gain when people live modestly.  This is after people realize what’s important in their lives.

Such individuals must have an eye on the prize for eternal blessings.  It’s believed that the faithful if they have Christ have found everything necessary for their journey.  Is wealth able to buy health, satisfaction, happiness, joy, and peace of mind?  Over and over people read Scripture warning them about being rich. So people have to be careful about having earthly possessions, especially if they become their gods.  Instead, put your hopes on God’s Heavenly Kingdom and his divine gifts.  That’s where their future lies.

True Happiness

True happiness brings peace of mind.  How can people have peace of mind?  By serving the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and being lights to others.  It’s true people must enjoy the basic necessities, and have enough money for food, clothing and shelter.  But these gifts they must share with the poor and destitute.  Living just for oneself is a dangerous proposition.  Some people have regretted not living godly lives.  An English Archbishop during the reign of Henry VⅢ bemoaned the fact that if he had served God as faithfully as he had served his King, God wouldn’t have forgiven him in his old age.  It was during the 16th century Cardinal Wolsey, who was stricken with a broken heart was executed by his King.


One thought on “To Be Truly Rich

  1. Material possessions do not bring peace and satisfaction. They most often bring anxiety, fear and greed. True happiness is peace and contentment in the Lord. Great post. Thank you. Have a blessed week in the Lord.


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