Be a Shining Light

Are you reluctant to give love, or do you harbor feelings of ill-will?  It may be that you are bearing a grudge.  That’s when you can’t budge from the sad thoughts of life.  Why aren’t you able to move on from these corrupted thoughts?   There’s a song by a British quintet entitled, “A Grudge in the Key of Sludge” that captures people’s rather melancholy state.

 Blood, Sweat & Tears

Some people view life as nothing more than blood, sweat and tears.  True, there can be hard times when struggling to accomplish our goals.  As the saying goes, “No pain, no gain.”  Often we make sacrifices in laboring at tasks.  These tasks may not all be physical, but may be any type of work.  In studying an education is challenging.  Some fear taking courses that are difficult.  These subjects may be in science.  Yet there are those that love science and technology.  But others may struggle in physical activities, English, or a foreign language.  But with these tests do we have to feel as though we’re ill-suited for life?

There was a contemporary American jazz-rock group – Blood, Sweat & Tears, well known in the 1960s and early 1970s, a brainchild of the legendary Al Kooper, who puts a new spin on the group’s name, for this band brought joy with music.  Songs that were great hits were: “Child Is The Father To The Man,” “And When I Die,” “You Made Me So Very Happy,” and “Spinning Wheel.”  The group’s music and lyrics captured the realities of life.  In short they sang: “One time you’re up, another you’re down.  Now you’re happy, soon you’re sad.  Anyway, life’s never the same.”  So why would people want to hold on to feelings of ill-will?

Untapped Creativity

Soon or later in life some people find their niche.  Scripture tells us each one has at least one gift.  But some Christians may be blessed with many more.  The key in unlocking your hidden potential is by filtering the noise and distraction from our life.  Patiently embrace peace in tackling problems.  Try to avoid situations which make you become unfocused and irritable.  Relax, play music that lightens your mood, and cultivate those qualities that are beneficial.  With prayer and meditation trust your experiences and you’ll surely discover your untapped potential.

Taste Life’s Possibilities

Try pursuing your own fulfillment with ease, joy and comfort.  Then find meaning in signs, coming your way to test your beliefs.  During your quest you’ll be sure to encounter the miraculous.  In accessing the unknown areas in your life you’ll be able to sleep better, have more energy, and be at peace.  Concerning your future you’ll probably need information from a trusted mentor.  But as you grow older and wiser you’ll realize that although work and money are important, life consists of other essential characteristics.  In a British documentary entitled: “The Possibilities Are Endless”, William Collins focused on life’s infinite realities proved educational.  Watching a show like this may be quite helpful.

Why bear a grudge?

Being reluctant to give should never be in the playbook of a Christian.  He or she must reach out to the needy and to everyone who needs help.  The essence of Christian living is to give and serve others with joy.  With their talent and treasure some Christians are avid givers.  They volunteer at hospitals, nursing homes, book mobiles and at libraries.  When it comes to giving treasure it isn’t only the collection plate in which they drop checks on Sundays, but they also donate to other charitable organizations.

When giving there should be no ill-intent.  Many Christians see themselves as being truly blessed.  For years they have worked in careers, and are now giving back to their communities.  They consider such acts good, for they have tasted life’s possibilities, and are happy to reciprocate.  This giving is wonderful because it provides vital needs to the least among us.   It’s true that a life saved may well become a shining light to emulate.


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