Controlling Your Life

Need a remote?  Do you think by having this devise you’re going to control your life?  It might be natural to think so, for if you could settle your mind, you might be able to solve the problems bothering you.  But is that possible?

Personal Control

When thinking about oneself it’s usually a battle with the mind.  You may try to harness your thoughts by using a TV remote. What do you want to think by monitoring what’s good or bad? But, “Use commonsense” you say, “because I’ll have a perfect plan.”  By encouraging good thoughts – those that enlighten the mind, body, and spirit you’ll solve your problems.  These are the good deeds you must feed and nurture.  By starving negative thoughts you’ll discourage unwanted feelings.  What must you therefore do?  Do some breathing exercises, meditate, and pray to have control.  Do these techniques work?  Yes they will, to some extent.  Some negative thoughts you might be able to capture, and banish from your mind, but some emotional ones would linger.

Controlling the Emotions

Psychologists warn us about the consequences of feeding our minds with negative thoughts.  When these come to your mind do something about them.  You should try distracting yourself by going for a walk, or playing music which is sure to change your thinking.  If negative emotions persist don’t dwell on them, but pray, and let them go. Remember to call on the Lord, and quote Scriptures to find relief. Then watch a change come over you.

 Dream Dreams

A dreamer may dream about the future.  It’s estimated that 20 percent of the population are lucid dreamers.  Another 50 percent occasionally remember some of their dreams.  These are figures about dreaming while we are asleep, but remember we’re all dreamers when we’re active.  Dreaming is like when you click on the remote to be transported to an imaginary place.  The only thing is, this action doesn’t actually give you a movie-like experience.

Rewinding Our Life

Like a movie we can’t rewind our life.  Listen to what Frank Matobo of the Africa University, Zimbabwe said, “Time waits for no man.  A second of doubt means you are a second behind.  So make a choice, use it wisely or lose it forever.  There is simply no rewind.”  This is why believers must have faith in what they do.  They must embrace life, believe in good things, and think positively.  Believers must never doubt, but accept what’s holy, true, and just.  These attributes come with perseverance, and by studying the Word of God.  There’s a Facebook community where people are planning to rewind their lives. They could only speculate about those aspects they wish to change, what they haven’t done, and if they could do it over again, what they are willing to do differently.


Like the rewind feature people could use their minds to recall past events.  They might linger on their experiences, errors, and faulty thinking, but with a fast-forward button they could only dream.  We are limited for we’re unable to fast-forward our minds through problems.  To do so we’d have to know what the future holds.  With a real-life movie you could speed forward because you know all scenes have already been prerecorded.  You’re able to watch the end, or middle, before the beginning.  In life you could only imagine this feature.

 Pause & Mute

Some critics argue that there’s never pause, and mute buttons by which we have control.  From birth the play button propels us on our trajectory.  It’s therefore for us to steer our ship, and do our best to avoid shipwrecks.  Let us reflect on what author Sonya Parker wrote, “Life doesn’t come with a rewind, FAST -FORWARD or PAUSE BUTTON.  Once it starts it PLAYS until it ends or until you press STOP.”

It would be of interest if we could view the pause and mute buttons when we reflect, and pray.  In a hectic schedule it’s often best to withdraw to a quiet place, close our eyes, and give thanks to Almighty God.  Our prayer might well be on pause when we fail to utter words, and when we become one with creation.  It’s suicide if you hit the stop button.  Let your life end naturally.






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