Commonalities of Religions

Most major religions have a doctrine

A set of principles and teachings

And stories based on myths

About gods, and spiritual events


These faith traditions focus on experiences

Describing what their followers ponder in sacred texts

About God, gods, angels, or other Divine beings

Believers are known for their places of worship

Whether in a Church, Temple, or Synagogue

Where activities are coordinated


Religious leaders provide instructions

About how believers should live holy lives

And ways for its members to practice their faith

Members follow rituals of spiritual significance

Often with prayer, fasting, and feasts

But religious holidays are for festivals

Where there are blessings of deities

And celebrating the lives of saints and gurus


“Divine Providence, let us embrace the underlying teachings of religion – of love and mindfulness.  Help us to respect all faith traditions, and realize there are different ways to encounter God.”


@ (Dfurstane) Website


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