God in Nature

What causes lightning to strike?

What brings thunderstorms?

Lightning flashes when positively

And negatively charged particles interact

Grow large enough to form a giant spark

But thunderstorms form from an unstable air mass

When warm and usually cold air collide


Yet some sacred texts show this is how God speaks

God might explodes, brings judgment, and condemn

But how did the ancients believe these were acts of God?

Scientists, prophets, theologians tend to agree

That there must be “cause and effect”

So they determine God possesses this power

Because the Eternal Spirit exists in nature


Other phenomena are just as revealing –

Tsunamis are sudden movement of the ocean because of earthquakes,

Volcanoes are formed from the buoyancy of the magma,

And pressure from absolved gases,

Hurricanes are due to intense low pressure areas

That forms in the summer or fall over warm waters

“God, help us to be cognizant of nature’s phenomena.  Why these manifestations often cause devastations are based on mysteries of your omniscience.  Protect us from the storms of life.”


@ https://www.bestprimalessence.com (Dfurstane) Website


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