Embrace Hope

Embrace Hope

What are you waiting for?

Don’t you wish to be blessed?

What should you do?

Put your hope in God, Allah, Brahma, or Dao.

Feel the warmth in knowing the Divine.

Make your path straight in seeking the light.

And embrace the celestial love that’s all embracing.

You’re sons and daughters of the Most High.

You’ve to love your neighbor as yourself.

You’ve to walk steadfast in faith.

And you’ll be greeted by the Almighty One.

It isn’t any use being selfish in life.

Share the joy you encounter with others.

And foster goodness with those you encounter.

So reach out to those that are lonely.

It’s the dawning of hope that counts.

It entangles all difficulties that seek to entrap you.

So let loose and rise like a star with brilliance.

These gifts bear incredible blessings.

“Divine Majesty, you’ve blessed us with many gifts.  Let our hope and joys of the future surround us like the brilliance of the sun.”


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