Essentials of Peace

Live in peace and be secured

Refrain from strife

And don’t be quick to quarrel

So depart from evil and do well

Let us be instruments of peace

Let our hearts sow love

By always offering the gift of compassion

These are the gestures of peacemakers

Peace is a journey that calls for many steps

So be sure to take a step at a time

But first people have to make peace with themselves

This is a question about living up to challenges

Let the power of love drown out the love of power

For its power that’s the stumbling block in our lives

Only by recognition of this warped reality

Will artificial divisions between nations crumble

Peace can’t be kept by force

It could only be achieved through understanding

So let nations come together at the bargaining table

Where their grievances could be ironed out

A negotiator’s attitude is essential for successful talks.

“Almighty Advocate, help conflicting parties reach just agreements.  Guide our nations so that they will discover true peace through patience, understanding, and dialogue.”


Human Rights Defenders

Human Rights Defenders

How would you like to be a human rights defender?

What does this mean?

Where do you work?

And what can you expect?

These answers are most challenging.

A human rights defender fights to protect human rights.

He or she promotes the welfare of all citizens.

They work locally, nationally, and internationally.

These are the defenders of a variety of cases.

They range from employment issues, health care, rights to life,

Food, water, executions, torture, indigenous, and women rights

These defenders fight for human rights for all.

Problems are everywhere in the vast expanse of the world.

They are in democratic and non-democratic countries.

Challenges vary from HIV/AIDS, the coronavirus, migration,

Structural adjustment policies and political transitions

Defenders monitor regional and worldwide conditions.

They collect and disseminate information on violations

And work to bring reports to key political and judicial officials

Human rights organizations publish reports about their findings.

They ensure accountability to respect human rights legal standards.

“Benevolent Judge, help the human rights defenders to work for the best interests of their countries.  By so doing give them wisdom, and the will to be effective change agents in their respective communities.”