A Special Love

Do you see each one as special?

Are you condescending to some people?

Do you pay attention to how they speak?

Do you have other concerns?

Every person ought to be treated with the utmost respect.

This is what we should know when interacting with people.

Love with the breath, smiles, and tears of all your life.

Show sincerity in the very love you share.

This love should be supreme and know no bounds.

The best results come with cooperation and being authentic.

People work together to organize and solve problems.

Be sure to demonstrate dignity and strength in supporting their needs.

Embrace love to put wings on your ideas.

Its acts like these that are necessary to give them hope.

People regardless to class distinctions ought to be cared for.

To love poor souls you’ll capture the essence of what’s true.

So resist making distinctions about the people you meet.

One could never tell where the depths of ultra-special love may lead.  

“Great Mediator, teach us to practice special ways to love others.  Help us to do the simple things to show that God’s grace is abundant in its blessings.”


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