Aging in Place

Why should a couple want to age in place?

Why can such a decision make sense?

It’s certain that many seniors have asked this question.

What are the benefits from these goals?

For one thing it’s living wisely in familiar surroundings.

No doubt many seniors have come to love their neighbors.

They have been able to socialize with friends at local coffee shops.

They don’t have to travel far to do volunteer work.

Seniors can have adjustments done to their homes.

These changes are in keeping with the fact that they have aged.

They can build special ramps, change their bathrooms,

And be sure that their bedroom is located on the ground floor

Other responsibilities would strike seniors as essential.

They can arrange for their doctors’ visits to be convenient.

Some of these appointments they will be able to do virtually.

All they will take is some knowledge of a computer or iPad.

There are cases where they will have visit doctors at their office.

If they live in senior facilities they can use their transportation

So seniors may find aging in place to their liking

Many of these problems could be handled successfully as they age.

“Wonderful Provider, help seniors as they age to find their footing.  Be with them as they make adjustments to their living conditions.”


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