Handicap Challenges

Talk about challenges the handicap comes to mind.

Some individuals are born with disabilities.

How can they overcome these problems?

Do they have a chance in this world?

How can they survive with such impediments?

Some children with disabilities are mentally challenged.

They work at a slower rate and need help assimilating information.

With these individuals a great deal depends on their condition.

Nevertheless, some are in regular classes with other students.

Still there are those that have to be tutored in a special group.

Some handicap students have other problems.

From birth they may be physically challenged.

They grow up in a world where they are unable to fully compete.

But some are able to overcome their disabilities.

This calls for work with therapists, friends, and family members.

Many schools have classes that cater for handicap students.

These individuals despite their limitations are able to succeed.

They work especially hard and over time they are able to make progress.

Teachers and students have to be sensitive to their special needs.

Little by little these students are able to develop in their confidence.

For the handicap there are special sports.

Some of these students may go on to participate in Paralympics.

This is a yearly event with six broad Paralympics categories –

Amputee, cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, wheelchair, vision impairment, and “others.”

“Omniscient Creator you have created mankind with different abilities and limitations.  Help all individuals to be sensitive to the handicap needs and work in helping them fulfill their dreams.”


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