Vaccine Passport

Do people need a vaccine passport?

Is it necessary to travel?

Is it required for a gym, theater, and bar?

This may become the norm in some countries.

In the United Kingdom

People may have to prove

That they were inoculated against the virus

Or that they have tested negative

Israel may have Israelites

Show that they have been vaccinated

To go to hotels and gyms

Other nations like Saudi Arabia, Iceland,

And the United States are exploring options

Like having app-based health passports

Or COVID-19 vaccination certificates

But are these developments of ethical concerns?

Do they discriminate against those wishing not to be tested?

Studies show minorities have inhibitions about the vaccine.

Young people could be at a disadvantage

Since they might not be eligible to be vaccinated

Businesses see vaccination as how they can open safely

Some attest for this option for re-opening their shops

By making the shot mandatory for workers

But still it’s unclear whether the vaccinated

Could still be transmitting a variant of the coronavirus    

“Omniscient Creator, help the nations of this world find appropriate ways of curtailing the spread of COVID-19 virus.  Grant that the scientists and governmental officials work diligently to contain this dreadful disease.”


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