Corolla Wild Horses

Corolla wild horses

Are a hardy bunch

They have adapted

To the weather of winter

While living in the wild

They have done so

By growing thicker coats

And eating a modified diet

That helped them survive the cold

Cold is dangerous for many horses

But these wild ponies

Have survived snowstorms

And whipping frigid winds

Without being in a barn

They just know how to adapt

Because of centuries living on their own

These horses spend most of their time

On the banks in the maritime forests

Living by fresh water marshes

They have a leader of the pack

This stallion leads the mares

Through the winter months

When much of the caloric-filled,

Green grasses on the Outer Banks’

Natural meadow and manicured lawns

Turn brown during the winter months

The horses get their nutrition

By eating dry winter grass

And stalks of sea oats on the dunes

“Great Provider, you have graced us with wild horses on Corolla’s Outer Banks.  Continue to protect, and help these animals to survive the austere weather the Outer Bank experiences.”


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