Preventing Senior Falls

Seniors can do a great deal to prevent falls.

They can update their home to make it senior friendly.

Purchase a medical alert system

That saves lives if they trip or fall accidentally

All they have to do is to push a button

To summon access of emergency care

Seniors can install lighting that is motion activated.

This light will brighten their path as they walk

Motion light can also deter intruders from their home.

If stairs are a problem the elderly can install a ramp.

But they should make sure that the railings are secured.

Be certain the home has a fire extinguisher

As well as a smoke and carbon monoxide detector

Refurbish the kitchen so that shelves are accessible.

Cover corners with sharp edges to prevent injuries.

Upgrade and update the bathroom and be rid of slippery showers

Install safety devices for using the toilet.

Make sure that in the bathroom there’s non-slip rugs.

Using a shower chair helps seniors in taking a bath.

Adjust the home’s hot water setting to avoid scalding.

Clear clutter like books and magazines on the floors of the home

So as to reduce the probability of tripping hazards

“Benevolent Provider, help the elderly as they senior proof their homes.  Let them do so with the confidence that they will be protecting themselves from falls and other emergencies.”


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