Learning in Schools

American society is polarized.

Misinformation has poisoned relationships.

People aren’t like what they use to be.

There are at each other’s throat.

This dilemma is mainly caused by politics.

President Trump has sold Americans on “the big lie.”

He claims the 2020 elections were rigged.

Predominantly millions of Republicans believe this tale.

And this fallacy has permeated much of the society.

Families are affected and can’t talk intelligently to each other.

But such an atmosphere isn’t new to the world.

It deeply divided, corrupted, and led to the fall of Nazi Germany.

But what could change this trend in America?

This will call for the revamping of our educational system

The nation’s schools at the elementary, middle, high school, and college should be revamped.

Educators should add world religions, philosophy, ethics, and poetry to their curriculum.

Let students be exposed to the intricacies of what it’s like to live in different faith traditions.

Let them start examining the big questions of life.

Let them think about the life’s dimensions – ethnicity, social justice, and civics,

Let them learn critical thinking, and heed the poetic imperative to live compassionately.

Help our students develop new and helpful perspectives of morality.

All these perspectives should be taught to our pupils at an early age.

Then they would have the foundation of understanding their fellowmen and women in uniquely positive ways.

“Omnipotent Creator, help us to amend our ways that have been ripped apart by misinformation. Be with the American society as teachers build a curriculum for facing these social problems and by educating students to counter this poisonous atmosphere.  And guide Americans to continue to live as a free nation and to be a beacon of hope to the world.”


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