Risks of Retirement

Talking about being able to breathe

And not suffocating in old age

Just look at the risks

Facing those that retire

Whether it’s at age 55, 65, or 70

Wenliang Hou, an economist

At the Center for Retirement Research of Boston College

Identified the risks of a typical retiree:

■ How long will a retiree live?

A lot of this projection has to do

Whether an individual dies at a younger age,

Or lives to be quite old by outliving the retirement funds

■ How are the markets doing?

A great deal depends on if the returns

Of the stock market on the investments are strong or weak

■ What is the nature of a retiree’s health?

An individual’s health can be a tricky business

No one knows if a retiree will enjoy good health

Or if he or she will be dogged with chronic health problems

■ What are the challenges faced by families?

Some families throughout their lives are economically independent.

While a few might suffer the death of a spouse

And others unforeseen circumstances that are problematic

■ Would there be policy risks?

Imagine if there are cuts to Social Security benefits

Or if the family insurance company is bankrupt

“Universal Provider, help retirees that have established safety nets with the funds they need to live in retirement.  Protect their investments from the whims of market-fluctuations and bankruptcies.”


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