Independent Living

Where has life gone?

The years have melted away.

But there have been precious times.

Now it’s time to press the reset button.

Do I want to live in my home?

Now I’m much older

And will have to decide?

But my home isn’t built for a senior.

The bedrooms are upstairs.

And there isn’t a walk-in shower.

Plus there are stairs to the front door.

Should I look at other options?

There are 55+ apartments,

Independent, assisted living,

And memory care units

These are feasible for a 75 year old.

But I do have some chronic health problems.

My memory is good.

So a memory care unit isn’t the answer.

I’ll therefore opt for independent living.

I’m not at the point for assisted living.

“Gracious Provider, help me as I navigate the twilight years of my life.  Give me the insight to choose from the options that are available for senior living.” Amen    

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