The Sacred Elephant

For thousands of years

A majestic giant has graced our lands

It’s the gigantic elephant known to all peoples

We find its symbol in India, China, Africa,

And even America

In India the elephant is known to Buddhists

And Hindus as the god Ganesha

As a defender and maintainer of good fortune

China, its symbol brings good luck, protection, and fertility

While in Africa the elephant is mighty

Because of its strength and power

But this gentle giant of mythology is patient,

Responsible, wise, clever, and smart

In the wild it cares for its herd and offspring

By nestling their young in loving ways

Let’s elevate this admirable giant

To a greater place of prominence in our world

This animal’s symbol continues to grace the world

 With divine, pure, and secular gifts

Depicted in artworks, sculptures, and paintings

Indians pay their elephant-god Ganesha homage

The Chinese sing praises to this amazing animal

Africans view the elephant like a fortress in the jungle

And Americans embrace its symbol as a political party

Through the cartoonist Thomas Nast of Harper’s Weekly magazine

“Divine Essence, you have gifted us with an extraordinary animal.  We thank you for the elephant and all that it represents.”


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