Living with Imperfections

Life isn’t perfect. But people aim for perfection. Sometimes, they come close to this reality. Nevertheless, they fall short. It doesn’t matter what they do. They might try their best to be careful, take meticulous steps, and make important decisions. Still, perfection evades them. This is the reason why most live with imperfections.

Parents delight when a child is born. They are happy, rejoice, and give thanks for having a healthy baby. This little infant will bond with them. However, from birth this precious gift has come into this world with genes inherited from their family. These manifestations play a role in what a Black or White child will become. He or she could be healthy, handicapped, or afflicted with some awful health problem. But parents would do their best to raise them to have a balanced life in spite of these predispositions.

The age of adolescence presents other challenges. This is a time of discovery and experimentation. Some young adults have challenges adjusting to different social environments. They might belong to some group that their family thinks unwise. Their behavior might appear erratic as they are buffeted by emotional upheavals. Yet, they could become well-rounded students, that are able to adjust in society. Whether White or Black, it’s a time of imperfections. Psychologists view such behavior as a vital stage in an adolescent’s life.

Soon afterwards adulthood arrives and are laced with an abundance of trials. By now, it’s time to put one’s education to good use. Being gifted some people find this transition easier than others. There are those who struggle because of poverty. It’s a stage to be independent, marry, and those who are fortunate go on to enjoy the comforts of life. But such goals are often tarnished for many minorities that have experienced a history of slavery. Freedom is a far cry to some of them as racial problems become more pronounced. Learning to navigate this landscape, and keep one’s head above water is challenging. Yet, these years will reflect the great social divisions between Whites, and Blacks.

The senior years for middle-class Whites might mean something altogether different from those of Blacks, as life’s imperfections continue to strive. For the poor, problems abound. They might grow old, but they do so while suffering hardships. There is housing discrimination, some Blacks work in low-end jobs, and live with chronic ailments. These are treated by doctors who are often insensitive to their plight because of a lack of adequate health care provisions. Racism in the medical field is known, and there aren’t adequate options for coping. Despite these conditions the poor is still with us. Inequities exist, and compassionate workers wonder when there will be justice and peace in society.

In spite of these dilemmas many good-natured people hope for better days. The activists keep fighting, praying, and have dedicated their lives to social change. These individuals often witness victories and setbacks. Yet, they persist with their causes. But well-wishers soon realize Americans live in an imperfect world. They continue to work for change. Still, opposing forces stand in the way of those who insist on challenging the status quo. But, the struggle for perfection persists. It seems that with all that these well-meaning people do, it’s still not enough. It’s just the reality of living with imperfections while trying to make life better.           

The Truth of Life

Layers of rocks reveal stories of our past

They are like books to be read

With pages that show how life evolved

Still some well-known people

Have doubts about mankind’s beginnings

Christians might hold the story in Genesis to be true

About how God created mankind

And they like to tell the story of Adam and Eve

About how God took a rib from him to create her

But does this make sense? Isn’t this an allegory?

Scientists discovered a different story

They have explained how over thousands of years life forms evolved

And this reality doesn’t seem surprising

Since all beings and non-beings are intricately interrelated

So some Bible stories are nothing more than myths

Still creationists believe in the literal meaning of Scripture

Learning the truth about religious texts is important

Scripture was written eons ago

When belief systems were in an embryonic stage

It’ll therefore take thinkers of all sorts to make sense of life

“Divine Creator, open our eyes and help us see what’s true.  Give us the insight to know what’s right.  And guide us in our quest to understand the mysteries of life.”


Concepts of Afterlife

In world religions and beliefs concepts of the afterlife

are perplexing and shrouded in mystery 

Faith traditions have beliefs that range

from bodily resurrection, the survival of the soul, judgment,  

merging of consciousness, heaven and hell,

reincarnation to animals, insects, and plants;

Moksha, or salvation in Hinduism, Enlightenment, and nirvana in Buddhism 

The Abrahamic religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

believe in the resurrection, judgment, heaven, and hell;

while Indian religions – Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism

embrace karma (good or bad actions),

some form of rebirth, or transmigration

based on the Samara doctrine of the cycle of life and death

But what path must an interfaith believer pursue?

Myths and teachings about salvation have to be put into perspective

It makes no sense to follow blindly a faith tradition

A believer’s approach calls for prayer, study, and intuition

So, let your basis in finding a path be through religious literacy

“Eternal Spirit, give us the wisdom and insight to understand the tenets of afterlife.  Help us to grapple with these concepts in deciding our rightful path.”


The Good in Suffering

Buddhists wish to escape suffering to achieve Nirvana.

But Christians embrace it.

And God tested the Israelites for 40 years in the wilderness.

Our Father gives his Son as a suffering Christ, to save the world.

Christianity teaches suffering produces endurance.

And endurance character and character hope

So suffering is a form of learning

And believers should hold Christ as their model

For his yoke is easy and burden light

Christians should be patient in suffering and persevere in prayer.

Some saints prayed for suffering for redemptive purposes

Some civil rights leaders saw their goals could only be achieved

Through sacrifice, suffering, and struggle

So suffering should be embraced for moral development

The best of us have known defeat, struggle, loss, and suffering.

Then there are people that are liberators that free others from bondage,

poverty, deprivation, and discrimination

Nelson Mandela, a black South African was an anti-apartheid revolutionary.

His struggles have inspired people to rise to great heights.

Such feats have resulted in victories for the equality for all.

“Eternal Spirit, help people with their struggles to do better in the world.  Guide them to live and see their goals come to fruition.”