The Good in Suffering

Buddhists wish to escape suffering to achieve Nirvana.

But Christians embrace it.

And God tested the Israelites for 40 years in the wilderness.

Our Father gives his Son as a suffering Christ, to save the world.

Christianity teaches suffering produces endurance.

And endurance character and character hope

So suffering is a form of learning

And believers should hold Christ as their model

For his yoke is easy and burden light

Christians should be patient in suffering and persevere in prayer.

Some saints prayed for suffering for redemptive purposes

Some civil rights leaders saw their goals could only be achieved

Through sacrifice, suffering, and struggle

So suffering should be embraced for moral development

The best of us have known defeat, struggle, loss, and suffering.

Then there are people that are liberators that free others from bondage,

poverty, deprivation, and discrimination

Nelson Mandela, a black South African was an anti-apartheid revolutionary.

His struggles have inspired people to rise to great heights.

Such feats have resulted in victories for the equality for all.

“Eternal Spirit, help people with their struggles to do better in the world.  Guide them to live and see their goals come to fruition.”


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