The Truth of Life

Layers of rocks reveal stories of our past

They are like books to be read

With pages that show how life evolved

Still some well-known people

Have doubts about mankind’s beginnings

Christians might hold the story in Genesis to be true

About how God created mankind

And they like to tell the story of Adam and Eve

About how God took a rib from him to create her

But does this make sense? Isn’t this an allegory?

Scientists discovered a different story

They have explained how over thousands of years life forms evolved

And this reality doesn’t seem surprising

Since all beings and non-beings are intricately interrelated

So some Bible stories are nothing more than myths

Still creationists believe in the literal meaning of Scripture

Learning the truth about religious texts is important

Scripture was written eons ago

When belief systems were in an embryonic stage

It’ll therefore take thinkers of all sorts to make sense of life

“Divine Creator, open our eyes and help us see what’s true.  Give us the insight to know what’s right.  And guide us in our quest to understand the mysteries of life.”


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