How do we influence other people?

In many ways we change people’s lives.

Basically, we could do so by talking with them.

And, show video clips, films, and documentaries.

During our presentations explain our points of view.

People will listen and make decisions.

These are popular ways we reach audiences.

Scientifically, there are other means to impact lives.

All of us and everything consist of molecules

That are constantly in motion

These interact with people and things in our presence.

This is a deeper way by which we impact our world.

No one knows for sure what this actually means.

Nevertheless, it happens spontaneously.

So, if we’re in the presence of a doctor

We’re interacting with him or her at a deeper level.

We’re actually functioning as conduits of our own healing.

In the final analysis we’re all one with nature.

But we’re a combination of many particles.

This oneness is God, the Divine Entity.

So don’t underestimate your presence in the world.

You’re actually a source of healing and wellness.

Everyone is interrelated in substantial ways.

This was the crux of my dream on Christmas Night.

“God help us to understand more about ourselves. Let us realize that we are interconnected and influence others in unique ways.”


Key to Happiness

Oh! What does it mean to be happy?

Is it having good health?

Is it being rich?

Is it having all the toys in this world?

Is it having a purpose in life?

Or, is it knowing one’s role in society?

It can be all of these things.

But understanding one’s role

In having a peaceful mind

And being contented

Should be our goal

It’s knowing how to act.

It’s discovering one’s place in life.

It’s making sure you help others.

These virtues lead to happiness

By doing what you can

You realize some things can’t be changed.

You understand only certain situations

Are in your sphere of influence

Regardless how hard you try

But you can size up any social problem.

Take the necessary steps to resolve it.

See where you fit in.

And act to the best of your ability

By doing what you can reasonably do

“God, give us the wisdom to know what is best. Help us to understand our limitations, live within our means, and act accordingly for the general good.”


Peace at Christmas

Don’t let peace die

Breathe life into it this season

It’s too precious to perish

So let the whole earth rejoice!

Peace has to be embraced

In the streets and valleys of life

It’s a vital essence to keep alive

Mankind’s future depends on it

Without peace there’s chaos

So sound the trumpets from roof tops

And let their blasts be heard around the world

Peace is alive and well!

As demonstrated as good will

Let peace reign!

A noble peace loving people seek

That must be based on understanding

With golden hearts everyone reaches out

For this is the season of the true light

So let peace reign!

“Almighty God, show us how to resolve our differences.  Guide our hearts and minds to embrace what is beautiful this season.”


Life is Beautiful

Life is beautiful when people do the right thing.

Then the fragrance of happiness

Will flow to every corner of the world

That’s when they act compassionately to others

And are motivated on making their lives wonderful

People must embrace humanity’s gifts.

Some might not be rich or have halos

The poor might be seen as the dregs of the earth

But they still embody the promise of a bright future

These rejected ones could be refugees,

The unfortunate and suffering,

That are looking out for a helping hand,

A home, job, and a place to rest their weary heads

Why can’t we love these afflicted ones?

It’s the way people act that makes them virtuous.

God’s love is all-encompassing,   

And involves showing compassion

Life is beautiful when people help others.

“Merciful Provider you have made us all – rich and poor, immigrants and refugees alike.  Help us to be sensitive to the needs of others.  Let us remember that their lives are just as important as ours.”