Life is Beautiful

Life is beautiful when people do the right thing.

Then the fragrance of happiness

Will flow to every corner of the world

That’s when they act compassionately to others

And are motivated on making their lives wonderful

People must embrace humanity’s gifts.

Some might not be rich or have halos

The poor might be seen as the dregs of the earth

But they still embody the promise of a bright future

These rejected ones could be refugees,

The unfortunate and suffering,

That are looking out for a helping hand,

A home, job, and a place to rest their weary heads

Why can’t we love these afflicted ones?

It’s the way people act that makes them virtuous.

God’s love is all-encompassing,   

And involves showing compassion

Life is beautiful when people help others.

“Merciful Provider you have made us all – rich and poor, immigrants and refugees alike.  Help us to be sensitive to the needs of others.  Let us remember that their lives are just as important as ours.”


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