How do we influence other people?

In many ways we change people’s lives.

Basically, we could do so by talking with them.

And, show video clips, films, and documentaries.

During our presentations explain our points of view.

People will listen and make decisions.

These are popular ways we reach audiences.

Scientifically, there are other means to impact lives.

All of us and everything consist of molecules

That are constantly in motion

These interact with people and things in our presence.

This is a deeper way by which we impact our world.

No one knows for sure what this actually means.

Nevertheless, it happens spontaneously.

So, if we’re in the presence of a doctor

We’re interacting with him or her at a deeper level.

We’re actually functioning as conduits of our own healing.

In the final analysis we’re all one with nature.

But we’re a combination of many particles.

This oneness is God, the Divine Entity.

So don’t underestimate your presence in the world.

You’re actually a source of healing and wellness.

Everyone is interrelated in substantial ways.

This was the crux of my dream on Christmas Night.

“God help us to understand more about ourselves. Let us realize that we are interconnected and influence others in unique ways.”


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