Looking at Mindfulness

Christopher André’s Looking at Mindfulness is a primer of twenty-five lessons on mindfulness.  With pictures to supplement the text he explained how people could be more aware of their bodies and their environment and not be like robots.  Advice is given concerning how to turn off and adjust to the multiple stimuli of film, television, radio, and the Internet.  These media were seen as corrupting minds and causing people to be unable to concentrate on what really matters in life.

By breathing and being silent people will become aware of their true selves and savor the precious moments of life.  With stillness and reflection they will be alive in the world.  These practices they should make as part of their daily lives.  Meditational  benefits will give them a sense of purpose, release stress, and help them to live compassionately.

However, these goals have to be persued consistently.  They could start at anytime in one’s life, even if it’s just waking up in the morning, preparing for work, being at your job throughout the day, while at home, or before going to bed at night.  So when people are faced with difficulties like having problems at work, conflicts with their boss, marital quarrels, or are suffering from stress, being mindful could well bring release, and ease the pain.

Mindfulness isn’t a panacea for every situation.  It will only allow an individual to live sensibly  with good and bad experiences.  They will be able to deal with their problems realistically.  With breathing and stillness they will learn to minimize conflicts.  It wasn’t known if they will eventually feel better, but they would understand their challenges.  André wrote that hurtful situations might last only for a time with mindful practice.  The tenets of his teachings are descriptive, easy to follow, and were supported with quotes from pyscho-analysts, and thinkers of religious traditions.          

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