Eat Less Sugar

Are watching your weight?

Are you concerned about becoming obese?

Do you want to ward off disease?

Then, you should eat less sugar.

Sugar is in many foods and drinks.

It’s estimated that Americans

Eat up to 17 teaspoons per day

That’s twice what’s recommended for men

And three times that for women

So why do people eat so much sugar?

Sugar is known to cause disease.

It raises the risk of diabetes,

Cancer and Alzheimer’s

It’s the major cause of obesity.

Doctors say it turns

The body aging program on

The more sugar people eat

The faster they will age

So if you want to look younger longer

Be sure to limit the amount of sugar you eat

You’ll certainly enjoy a healthier life.

“Omniscient God, you have provided sugar that sweetens our foods.  Help us to use this gift wisely so that it doesn’t become a stumbling block to our health.”


A Therapy Pet

A therapy pet can be one of a number of animals –

Dogs, cats, llamas, miniature pigs, mini-horses, or birds

But many people choose dogs.

Dogs could be emotional support dogs,

Therapy, and certified service dogs

But why are these dogs necessary?

Many people attest to the benefits of having such pets.

Because they lift their mood, relieve stress,

And help them recover from health problems

In hospitals and mental institutions

Classrooms are also a good place for such dogs

Students benefit during physical exercise

Interactions with these dogs lower blood pressure

And having them around are stimulating

For they assist students and patients with pain management.

But there’s a difference between a “therapy dog” and “service dog.”

A therapy dogs helps their clients physically and emotionally,

While a service dog perform tasks

Those individuals are unable to do themselves

“God, help us to use the pets of your creation in beneficial ways.  Teach us the best ways to use such animals to serve mankind.  And help us to treat these pets with love and kindness for the work they do.”


Standing in the Light

Standing in the Light by Sharman Apt Russell is a true blend of the writer’s experiences of nature and spiritual growth.  Russell described her life as being a Pantheist, a word coined by John Toland in the 1700s.  In beautiful prose she captured the joys of nature especially with bird watching and banding.  In the text the writer reviewed the tenets of Eastern religions that she learned from books, companions, and during her travels as a younger woman in Asian countries.

Interestingly she puts into context the lives and experiences of Pantheists like Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Giordano Bruno, Baruch Spinoza, Henry David Thoreau, D. H. Lawrence, Walt Whitman, and founder of the World Pantheist Movement Paul Harrison.  Russell explained while being a Pantheist how she continued an on-and-off basis to have ties with Quakers.  She wrote glowingly about her husband and family’s love for nature, work as a creative writing professor, philosophy, and religious life. Russell lived in Silver City, and she and her friends were involved in conservation efforts in New Mexico.