A Therapy Pet

A therapy pet can be one of a number of animals –

Dogs, cats, llamas, miniature pigs, mini-horses, or birds

But many people choose dogs.

Dogs could be emotional support dogs,

Therapy, and certified service dogs

But why are these dogs necessary?

Many people attest to the benefits of having such pets.

Because they lift their mood, relieve stress,

And help them recover from health problems

In hospitals and mental institutions

Classrooms are also a good place for such dogs

Students benefit during physical exercise

Interactions with these dogs lower blood pressure

And having them around are stimulating

For they assist students and patients with pain management.

But there’s a difference between a “therapy dog” and “service dog.”

A therapy dogs helps their clients physically and emotionally,

While a service dog perform tasks

Those individuals are unable to do themselves

“God, help us to use the pets of your creation in beneficial ways.  Teach us the best ways to use such animals to serve mankind.  And help us to treat these pets with love and kindness for the work they do.”


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