Eat Less Sugar

Are watching your weight?

Are you concerned about becoming obese?

Do you want to ward off disease?

Then, you should eat less sugar.

Sugar is in many foods and drinks.

It’s estimated that Americans

Eat up to 17 teaspoons per day

That’s twice what’s recommended for men

And three times that for women

So why do people eat so much sugar?

Sugar is known to cause disease.

It raises the risk of diabetes,

Cancer and Alzheimer’s

It’s the major cause of obesity.

Doctors say it turns

The body aging program on

The more sugar people eat

The faster they will age

So if you want to look younger longer

Be sure to limit the amount of sugar you eat

You’ll certainly enjoy a healthier life.

“Omniscient God, you have provided sugar that sweetens our foods.  Help us to use this gift wisely so that it doesn’t become a stumbling block to our health.”


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