Seniors at Coffee Shops

What it’s like to have a cup of coffee?

What does a coffee hour mean to seniors?

And where do they gather?

Seniors meet around the country

At their favorite coffee shops

You could find them any morning

At McDonald’s, Hardee’s, or Wendy’s

At these joints they assemble

To socialize with their friends

Many of these older folks

Talk about their families and friends

At times they discuss politics

And in their group are liberals and conservatives

As expected the exchanges often become heated

Other folks that aren’t political

Take pains to discuss their hobbies

And their love of America is displayed

As they dress casual as retirees

Some wear distinctive clothes

Reminiscent of years of service

In the American military

While others don the garb,

Caps, jerseys, and pullovers

Of their alma mater

“Loving God, be with seniors as they socialize in coffee shops around the country.  Help them to find companionship as they share their experiences about life to their group.”


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