Aging Wisely

What does it mean to age wisely?

Have you been preparing yourself?

You better grab the steering wheel

Because sooner or later you’ll be older

Aging well is about people’s attitude.

You could be a couch potato or active.

But, being active is beneficial.

It helps keep one’s mind sharp.

Having confidence brings joy.

So, it’s imperative to love what you do.

People could participate in a variety of sports.

Others might spend their time exercising, dancing,

Learning a new language, going to a coffee hour,

Or, playing music, games, and doing crossword puzzles

As people age they often face challenges.

Some suffer from arthritis, lung disease,

Cancer, heart problems, memory loss,

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or Osteoporosis

But with medical care and medication

Seniors are able to control these setbacks  

“Almighty God, help people as they age to have productive lives.  Be with them as they explore about new ways to socialize and keep active.”


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