Recycling creates jobs.

Its economic returns are well documented.

About 24,000 people work in recycling

That generates some 13-billion dollars annually.

There are many benefits in processing these materials –

Including alumina, plastic, and soft drink containers,

Steel cans, detergent bottles, newspapers, and trash bags,

So, consumers help when they purchase such items.

These materials could be collected, processed

And manufactured into a variety of new products.

But consumers should buy the right kind recyclables,

And they could have these materials collected

At curbsides, drop-off centers, or refund centers.

Remember recycling reduces the amount of waste to landfills.

It helps conserve natural, and valuable resources, and saves energy.

Above all, it creates jobs from which many workers benefit.

Recyclables cost go up, and come down depending on supply,

And recovery facilities sort these products for manufacturing.

“God, help us recycle our products.  Guide consumers to care for the environment, and in providing jobs for people.”


Juneteenth Freedom Day

Activists have succeeded in pushing Congress

To recognize June 19th as a national holiday

On June 19th, 1865 General Robert Granger

Issued a proclamation notifying black slaves

In Texas they were free.

This “Juneteenth Jamboree” grew in stature

And in many states it has become mainstream.

The Anacostia Museum of the Smithsonian Institution

Has had an exhibition about Juneteenth.

Reading of the works of African American novelists

Like Ralph Ellison, and Maya Angelou are popular.

Singing of traditional songs like “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,”

And “Lift Every Voice and Sing” are sung at such gatherings.

Celebrations on “Jubilee Day” are picnics, rodeos, and cookouts.

Families celebrate reunions, park parties,

Attend blues festivals,

And there’s a Miss Juneteenth contest.

But revelers never forget to have a Strawberry soda –

The drink associated with these festivities.

And, for the more serious minded,

There are lectures, exhibitions of African American culture

Accompanied by a voter registration drive.

To top it all, everyone should be part of a barbecue cookout,

The centerpiece of most Juneteenth celebrations.

“God, on this day of remembrance bless these Juneteenth festivities when African Americans began their fruits of freedom.”    

Car Trips

People like going on trips.

They like travelling in their cars,

And going to different places.

But they have to do so safely,

That’s why it’s wise to wear a seatbelt.

It doesn’t make sense risking your life

When you drive in areas that aren’t safe.

That’s why it’s best to know about your destination.

Often, this could be a problem in some cities.

Drivers could be caught up in rush hour traffic.

It could be dreadlock trying to navigate your car.

Is your vehicle in good working condition?

Are you familiar with the area where you’re driving?

These questions are important for a driver’s safety.

A number of other questions come to mind.

What would you do if you have a flat?

Do you have roadside service?

Is the area safe if you’re stranded?

That’s why before venturing out do your homework.

Make sure you have a smart phone for emergencies.

Safety matters the most when you’re driving.

So, it’s good to obey the speed limit.

Drive with lights when it’s overcast,

And always be sure you have enough gas.

These are the responsibilities of a good driver.

“God, help us to make trips safely.  Be with us and let us be cognizant that we ought to take all necessary precautions when driving.”


Save the Pangolin

The pangolin is an endangered specie.

Eight of these species

Are protected under international law.

Still, they are hunted for medicinal properties.

This creature is prized in Asia

Although there isn’t any evidence

That this scaly mammalian has properties

Beneficial to human health.

But what could conservationists do?

They should help save this bizarre little creature.

So, it doesn’t disappear from the environment,

For man-made threats are causing mass extinctions.

Efforts are made at Save Vietnam’s Wildlife –

A conservation reservation program

Inside the Cuc Phuong National Park.

To save the world’s most traffic mammal,

The Vietnamese government has decided

To crack down on this illegal wildlife trade.

Researchers also found in Thailand

That 36 percent of all reptile species

Are often traded on the Internet.

About 90 percent were caught in the wild.

“God, help conservationists’ programs to safeguard the world’s biodiversity.  Guide them in their efforts to save creatures like the pangolin.”