Save the Pangolin

The pangolin is an endangered specie.

Eight of these species

Are protected under international law.

Still, they are hunted for medicinal properties.

This creature is prized in Asia

Although there isn’t any evidence

That this scaly mammalian has properties

Beneficial to human health.

But what could conservationists do?

They should help save this bizarre little creature.

So, it doesn’t disappear from the environment,

For man-made threats are causing mass extinctions.

Efforts are made at Save Vietnam’s Wildlife –

A conservation reservation program

Inside the Cuc Phuong National Park.

To save the world’s most traffic mammal,

The Vietnamese government has decided

To crack down on this illegal wildlife trade.

Researchers also found in Thailand

That 36 percent of all reptile species

Are often traded on the Internet.

About 90 percent were caught in the wild.

“God, help conservationists’ programs to safeguard the world’s biodiversity.  Guide them in their efforts to save creatures like the pangolin.”


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