Recycling creates jobs.

Its economic returns are well documented.

About 24,000 people work in recycling

That generates some 13-billion dollars annually.

There are many benefits in processing these materials –

Including alumina, plastic, and soft drink containers,

Steel cans, detergent bottles, newspapers, and trash bags,

So, consumers help when they purchase such items.

These materials could be collected, processed

And manufactured into a variety of new products.

But consumers should buy the right kind recyclables,

And they could have these materials collected

At curbsides, drop-off centers, or refund centers.

Remember recycling reduces the amount of waste to landfills.

It helps conserve natural, and valuable resources, and saves energy.

Above all, it creates jobs from which many workers benefit.

Recyclables cost go up, and come down depending on supply,

And recovery facilities sort these products for manufacturing.

“God, help us recycle our products.  Guide consumers to care for the environment, and in providing jobs for people.”


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