Community Service

It’s a delight to be

Of service to your community.

Many people depend

On your help

To make their lives better.

So, why don’t you do your part?

Give a helping hand to others.

And in your own way

Do what you can.

Anyone can help

At a soup kitchen in town

Where you’ll be able

To serve the poor and homeless.

There are some churches,

And community centers

That have these facilities available.

They cater for people in need.

Others may volunteer

In their city

Especially by working

At a hospital, school, or library.

These institutions have opportunities

For you to help in various jobs

That will benefit the community.

Monetary gifts are always welcome.

“God, help those that volunteer in their communities.  Let them see that the people who they serve are their brothers and sisters.  Bless their efforts.”


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