Move Slowly

As we grow older

It’s wise to learn to move slowly

That’s because people age,

And they have to watch their steps.

People should do so for their own safety.

As young adults we’re on the move.

We walk quickly to do our chores.

It’s as though we’re always in a race.

But, later in life our pace diminishes.

This is because people tend to slow down.

So, when you’re taking a trip

Be sure to do so sensibly.

Take your time climbing stairs.

Watch where you’re walking.

For, the ground may be uneven.

At night make sure that paths are lit.

If they are dark use a light.

It’s a good idea to have a companion.

A friend can be a good guide.

So, make the most of your adventures.

These simple joys depend on

How you care for yourself,

And by the precautions you take.   

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