Kenyans on Top

When it comes to marathons

Look for the Kenyans

They have dominated

This long distance sports

Where thousands participate

A marathon is 26.2 miles.

It’s an endurance race

That calls for stamina,

Skills, and endurance

Kenyans have competed

In Boston, London, New York,

Berlin, Chicago, Paris, Amsterdam,

And Tokyo among other places

Kenyans hold the world records.

Eliud Kipchoge sets the men’s record

In Berlin in 2018 with a time 2:01:39

The International Amateur Athletic Federation

Recognizes Brigid Kosgei 2019 record

Of 2:14:04 in a race contested by men and women,

And Mary Keitany in 2017 for a “Women Only” race

That she won in London with 2:17:01

So, hats off to the Kenyans

They have shown the world their mettle

When it comes to being champions

In a very international and competitive field   

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