Stars in The Sky

In life let goodness prevail!

It’s like stars

Shining brightly in a cloudless sky

So, why should people live unloved?

Daily battles are fought in communities.

These struggles take many forms.

They may be over their civil rights.

And there are winners and losers.

People win when they are successful.

At times they are defeated and sad.

But there are some gains and setbacks.

That’s the way it always is in life.

What goes up must come down.

Yet, Americans keep moving on.

For there’s always change in the air.

Human’s dignity will eventually triumph.

A strong wind is blowing with people’s dreams.

It’s sweeping across the breadth of America.

For there will be a time when there’ll be change.

And all of God’s children will rejoice

For they will shine like stars in the sky.  

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