Walking in Nature

Eyes behold nature’s beauty.

Trees dance in its loveliness.

Breeze sweeps over the hills.

Water ripples in the streams.

Walking in nature is delightful.

Sad memories just flutter by.

Hearts leap with abundant joy.

Flowers decorate its rolling paths.

Animals roam in the green pastures.

Birds celebrate this festive season.

Birth is renewed around the farms.

Musicians greet these new portrayals.

But what does happiness mean?

Why walk to the sounds of creation?

How is one’s spirit renewed?

Nature is an incredible change agent.

Picking apples and pears in orchards.

Collecting grapes from rural vineyards.

Tasting wines that titillate the tastebuds.

Enjoying the beauty of nature’s abundance.

Crack in Brick Wall

Bang! Something stops you.

What should you do?

Where must you turn?

How could you move on?

A brick wall comes in your life.

You might be set on a career.

But unhelpful circumstances arise.

These could be the cause of an illness.

Would such illness dampen your spirit?

Do you see your situation as hopeless?

You’re struck with some terrible disease.

Could treatment really help your condition?

Your situation is quite serious.

Where should you turn?

What should you do?

This treatment doesn’t seem to be working.

Yet, you endeavor to continue with trials.

Then, there’s a crack in the brick wall.

A new hope is alive with a break through.

The brick wall crumbles unexpectedly.

You’re able to achieve your life’s dream.

Raindrops Keep Falling

People rejoice that rain is coming.

Just look at the changes in the sky.

The clouds sweep by and are darker.  

They know the signs and prepare.

Bring out the umbrellas from storage.

Put on the long-forgotten raincoats

That is if they plan on going outdoors

It’s the only way not to be soaked.

Somehow, it’s always best to be indoors.

This is especially so when it’s night.

Take comfort and curl up in bed.

And listen to the rain’s pattering sounds.

Farmers are sad when there’s a drought.

Trees come alive as the rain begins to fall.

Cattle are happy greeting the drops with delight.

It’s as though farms are renewed with a new day.

But rain can also cause people some problems.

Too much water may result in terrible flooding.

It may be difficult for levees to contain the streams.

But rainfall is beautiful and essential for the land.

Without the blessing of rain living things will perish.

Mt. Everest of Life

A Mt. Everest sweeps into lives.

Climbers ascend as high as the sky.

But their ascent is treacherous.

Such obstacles are shrilling to their hearts.

Why do climbers mount such a precipice?

Do they have something to prove?

What will they accomplish?

Eventually, their steps will tell their tale.

Many start their ascent from valleys below.

And they gaze up to the snowy mountain top above.

Yet, they may have reservations about life’s goals.

Life’s final destiny that’s beckoning them on.

People will always strive to be the best.

When they stumble on a mount, they get up.

Still, they continue to persevere to reach the top.

That’s what a glorious life is about, isn’t it?

Life has always been a challenge.

Mt. Everest is a symbol lying before all.

The mountain top is where there’s success.

So, be sure to reach the Mt. Everest of Life.    

Life-Affirming Truth

Uphold what’s good.

Nurture what’s beautiful.

Embrace life’s affirmations.

Let justice prevail.

Why buy into falsehoods?

Why tamper with the truth?

What will people gain?

A frigid wind is blowing.

Let trumpets blast.

Let’s clear the air.

Abuse has no place.

It only wrecks good lives.

Bugles may sound.

Deceivers may rule.

But where’s the victory?

It’s tarnished with deception.

A battle with words prevails.

Choose your side.

People shiver when it’s cold,

But delight in the warmth.

Bad lies are just devastating.