Mt. Everest of Life

A Mt. Everest sweeps into lives.

Climbers ascend as high as the sky.

But their ascent is treacherous.

Such obstacles are shrilling to their hearts.

Why do climbers mount such a precipice?

Do they have something to prove?

What will they accomplish?

Eventually, their steps will tell their tale.

Many start their ascent from valleys below.

And they gaze up to the snowy mountain top above.

Yet, they may have reservations about life’s goals.

Life’s final destiny that’s beckoning them on.

People will always strive to be the best.

When they stumble on a mount, they get up.

Still, they continue to persevere to reach the top.

That’s what a glorious life is about, isn’t it?

Life has always been a challenge.

Mt. Everest is a symbol lying before all.

The mountain top is where there’s success.

So, be sure to reach the Mt. Everest of Life.    

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