Raindrops Keep Falling

People rejoice that rain is coming.

Just look at the changes in the sky.

The clouds sweep by and are darker.  

They know the signs and prepare.

Bring out the umbrellas from storage.

Put on the long-forgotten raincoats

That is if they plan on going outdoors

It’s the only way not to be soaked.

Somehow, it’s always best to be indoors.

This is especially so when it’s night.

Take comfort and curl up in bed.

And listen to the rain’s pattering sounds.

Farmers are sad when there’s a drought.

Trees come alive as the rain begins to fall.

Cattle are happy greeting the drops with delight.

It’s as though farms are renewed with a new day.

But rain can also cause people some problems.

Too much water may result in terrible flooding.

It may be difficult for levees to contain the streams.

But rainfall is beautiful and essential for the land.

Without the blessing of rain living things will perish.

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