Nature of Life

Some Virginians are older now.

Their lives are gradually ebbing.

Is this the end of a well-lived life?

No one really knows.

Fleeting years have passed them by.

Where has all this time gone.

They are no longer vibrant and young.

Their faces are wrinkled with old age.

How do they feel about living?

Some may find it rather depressing.

They will rather take to their bed for comfort.

But most will prefer to rally on than to give up.

This condition is definitely a new reality

That’s in the second half of an older life.

It’s an experience of shattered dreams and pain.

Nevertheless, a Virginian mind may be clear.

Virginians view such a setback as a mountain.

Yes, at times they have fallen down as they ascend.

Yet, they know the resilience in their hearts live on.

They will strive and pull themselves up once more.

This is the condition of their luminous sadness.

It’s the discovery of the inevitable nature of an older life.

Wild Horses

Corolla wild horses are hardy.

They have adapted on the Outer Banks

To winter by living in the wild

They are able to do so,

By growing thicker coats,

And eating a modified diet

They are able to survive the cold.

Cold is dangerous for horses.

But these wild ponies

Have lived through snowstorms,

And whipping frigid winds

They know how to adapt

Because of centuries living in the wild

These wild horses spend their time

On the banks in the maritime forests

By fresh water marshes

With a leader of the pack

This stallion leads the mares

Through the winter months

By eating dry winter grass

And stalks of sea oats on the dunes.

Living on a Farm

What is a life well-lived?

What is a farmer’s roots?

What motivates a farmer?

And when does farming end?

People explore their farming lives.

Their journeys are in biographies.

They speak frankly about their tasks.

Dreams come alive in marvelous ways.

Growing up as a youth is challenging.

It’s an early experience of a farmer’s life.

Living in a rural community was best.

A farmer’s life was an ideal experience.

Raising animals kept the family on its toes.

Sheep, goats, cows, and chickens to feed.

Expensive veterinary bills had to be paid.

Often, their kids helped at the crack of dawn.

But it was quite cold during the winter months.

The animals’ pens would always be heated.

Yet, it was delightful to have wool from the sheep.

And fresh milk and eggs would all make it worthwhile.

A Grateful Heart

Yes, we’re living in a new reality.

Things aren’t what they use to be.

We’re older and living in our homes

And we now watch what we do.

But still, we have grateful hearts.

Thanks for the gift of New Technology.

We can keep in touch with friends.

Often, we visit them on social media,

Where we can pour our hearts out.

“It’s a brand-new world,” our friends say.

“Things have changed for the better.”

Fortunately, many of us have the means.

We aren’t confined to assisted living homes.

Or, live in nursing facilities for the aged.

We’re fortunate to be living in our own homes.

We can therefore send cards to our dear friends,

Contribute to various charities of our choice,

And give a life line to the less fortunate.

It’s definitely ideal, but still, we’re thankful,

To be living in a country with such abundance.