Information Explosion

Information is ubiquitous.

It greets us throughout the day.

We’re all awaken to pseudo-events.

We rise in the morning to this barrage.

Can we live without this information?

Of what does it consist?

What does the future hold?

These questions deserve answers.

The clock we depend on for the time.

Our lives are shaped by this device.

Radio & TV keep us entertained.

It’s these media that’s sharing humor.

American mass media is pervasive.

Whether it’s print, electronic or film.

Remember movies we saw in cinemas.

These were funny, horror, and fantasy.

Nor must we forget the impact of social media.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram come to mind.

What a way to keep up with family and friends.

But all these media spell out tomes of pseudo-events.

A Colorful People

People reflect the spectrum.

They come in different colors.

Glorious shades greet daylight.

Beauty graces their many gifts.

The Black race is most prolific.

Their color range titillates our eyes.

Some are as dark like charcoal.

Others appear like a sparkling white.

But what does different colors mean?

Why do people talk about color?

Is a person’s color really important?

These are some questions that matter.

Africans hear stories of the Black race.

Europeans learn what it means to be White.

Asians are referred to as being Yellow.

While Native Americans are viewed as Red.

Our nation is in the colors of the rainbow.

Their gifts transcend their ethnic groups.

Diversity is an underlying strength of all people.

That’s why America is so richly blessed.