One With the Universe

I’m careful about life.

I often try to do my best.

I pray to the Eternal Presence.

And take good care of myself.

I endeavor to eat right, exercise, and have fun.

Still, I read a lot, and think about circumstances.

But you may not know what perplexes me?

I work hard to better myself.

I can honestly say that I’ve grown spiritually.

In much of my life, I’ve prevailed.

But a mystery lies with everything that I do.

Some people live by trying their best,

And when they die, they hope to reap rewards.

So, many men and women place their hopes in Heaven.

But I envision a different afterlife.

I don’t believe in a Christian Heaven.

Neither do I believe in reincarnation of Eastern faiths.

But what do I hold to be true?

At heart I’m a religious naturalist.

So, what happens after I leave this earth?

I’ll still be One with the Eternal Presence of the Universe.

Wisdom Bits

Now is the present reality.

There’s Oneness in life.

It’s what it is.

All experiences will change for better or worse.

I Am is I Am. I Am the true self.

Accept the good and bad about life.

The opposite of birth is death.

Life has no opposite. It’s everlasting.

Birth, growth, and death are natural occurrences.

The pictures in our heads aren’t real, and not who we are.

Determine what’s most important in life.

Act as though the whole world depends on it. 

Spiritual Awakening

Life is a challenge.

People are always thinking.

In their heads are a running commentary.

This is what some think they truly are.

But these memories are false.

Many people dwell on the past and future.

They see the ends as justifying the means.

However, these perceptions are totally false.

The real You can be found in the Now.

It’s the presence is accessed in stillness.

So, be sure to completely silent your mind.

Then, you’ll start living in the present moment.

The past and the future are only One.

They are best described as the present.

Living with a thinking mind is unconscious.

While in stillness, one becomes conscious.

Between the space of stillness is the sacred.

This is where the real You are found.

With such presence, a person will tap into divinity.

This realization is called a spiritual awakening.